“Yeah, Just Search for Me on Amazon…”

You guys.


It’s been an autumn, an autumn like no other before. I’ve been lax in updating this blog, mostly because I’ve been focused on fiction and poetry, as well as getting said fiction and poetry published. And all that work, apparently, has not been in vain.

In September, I was lucky enough to have my first poetry collection published by Wild Pressed Books, an independent British Publisher. If that isn’t mindblowing enough, in October, I also had my very first collection of fiction come out from Alien Buddha Press. And this one, my friends, is on Amazon.

I am ecstatic, and terrified. Ecstatic because this is exactly what I want; terrified because this is exactly what I want. I mean…what now? What do I do next? Will anyone read these? Will I get my full-length published? How can I improve as a writer? Have I peaked? (And, the most terrifying thought so far: What if all this was just a fluke?)

Regardless, there are so many positive emotions afoot that I had to commemorate them on my blog. More than that, though, I wanted to thank those of you who know who you are:

It’s been a journey, reader. Thanks for coming along; if you keep sticking by me, who knows where we’ll end up???

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