Shannon Frost Greenstein is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. She resides in Philadelphia with her children and soulmate, where she works as a freelancer and copywriter for a major nonprofit. Shannon writes literary fiction, CNF, satire, poetry, and anything else which needs to be said. #RiseUp

She discovered her aspirations for writing upon making the feminists weep by dropping out of grad school, where she was a Ph.D candidate in the field of Nietzschean Continental Philosophy, to show up homeless on her boyfriend’s doorstep with a cat. (They’re married now. There’s kids. More cats. Love is love.)

Fifteen years later, she finally feels comfortable identifying herself as a writer, and was ecstatic to receive a writing residency from the Sundress Academy for the Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, in October of 2019. She was also selected by NASA in April of 2018 as a social media intern for a live shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral.

Shannon’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeneys Internet Tendency, X-Ray Lit Mag, Cabinet of Heed, Scary Mommy, Crab Fat Magazine, Bone & Ink Lit Zine, Ghost City Review, trampset, Crepe and Penn, Spelk Fiction, Rhythm & Bones Lit Mag, Blunt Moms, Philadelphia Stories, the Philadelphia City Paper, WHYY, The Manifest-Station, Royal Rose Magazine, and elsewhere.

Shannon harbors an unhealthy interest in Hamilton, Nietzsche, Mount Everest, ballet, and the Summer Olympics, and aims to write The Next Great American Novel while silultaneously acquiring more cats.

She comes up when you Google her.