The Keeper

Please Enjoy Your Descent through the Circles of Hell, and Thank You for Riding with Us!

Widow’s Walk

And the Skyline Blazed like a Phoenix that Night

From the Greek Word for Dance

It All Happened on South Street One Night…

The Reincarnation of American Ingenuity

Have You Ever Had a Migraine?

Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

Jail, Institutions, or Death

Trial by Combat

Vindication for the Mallory Expedition, as foretold by Isaac Asimov

I’m a Literal Figure from the Book of Revelation and, Wait, Why Are You Running Away?

First, Do No Harm…

Boy and Dog


And That’s Extra Scary to Me

Hot for Teacher

I Had an Orgasm in a Graveyard Once

Herb Gets Rejected

It All Started When the Challenger Exploded


It Turns Out Books DO Burn at 451 Degrees

Praying for a Miracle, Praying for Absolution

Sex in a Cemetery, and Other Poor Choices

Lest Ye Be Judged

Ink and the Will to Power

An Evening’s Run