The Day the School Fell

Because of Mount Everest, Even this Cocktail Party Sucks

Aliyah Means “To Ascend”

Guns and Butter

I’m a Corpse Flower, and I’ve Got a Bone(r) to Pick with You, Botany


It Was Actually the Fire

Abandon All Faith Ye Who Enter Here

The Blanket by the River

The Keeper

Please Enjoy Your Descent through the Circles of Hell, and Thank You for Riding with Us!

Widow’s Walk

And the Skyline Blazed like a Phoenix that Night

From the Greek Word for Dance

It All Happened on South Street One Night…

The Reincarnation of American Ingenuity

Have You Ever Had a Migraine?

Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

Jail, Institutions, or Death

Trial by Combat

Vindication for the Mallory Expedition, as foretold by Isaac Asimov

I’m a Literal Figure from the Book of Revelation and, Wait, Why Are You Running Away?

First, Do No Harm…

Boy and Dog


And That’s Extra Scary to Me

Hot for Teacher

I Had an Orgasm in a Graveyard Once

Herb Gets Rejected

It All Started When the Challenger Exploded


It Turns Out Books DO Burn at 451 Degrees

Praying for a Miracle, Praying for Absolution

Sex in a Cemetery, and Other Poor Choices

Lest Ye Be Judged

Ink and the Will to Power

An Evening’s Run