My Patreon: Or, Sh*t’s Gettin’ Real

Hello, loyal acquaintances, kin, and everyone in-between,

I applied, and have been lucky enough to be selected, for a one-week writing residency through SAFTA at Firefly Farms in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am ecstatic to receive this honor; I am inspired by the project on which I intend to focus; I am broke as f*ck.

Thus, this Patreon.

Become a Patron!

I am actively seeking contributions for the $150 room and board fee, the $450 flight, and the probably $150 in Uber fees to get between the airport and the artists’ colony.

My goal is to fund the commute to and from the residency, as well as the room and board fee for the cabin. (No electricity, y’all. Your girl is gonna be livin’ by wood-burning stove.) I’m using this time to FINALLY focus on my book about my experience at the Renfrew Center, in the context of a much larger examination of eating disorders and their situation in the zeitgeist.

I am ready and willing to barter handsomely for any financial assistance I am given, in the form of blog posts, personalized poetry inspired by our first meeting, a starring role in an original short story, or a nonfiction essay detailing a subject of your choice, to be presented however you see fit.

I intend to post content and updates, but the main thrust of this entire venture is the personalized writing my patrons will receive in exchange for the funds to get to the artists’ colony in Knoxville. Post-autumn, I will be exchanging original pieces for funding to other workshops, residencies, and further publications.

These pieces can be public or anonymous, satirical or genuine, heart-wrenching or joyful. I am so appreciative of any and all help to get me to this amazing opportunity, and look forward to sharing more details about this residency, about my amazing supporters, and about writing in general! Thank you!!!