Self-Care and Toes, Mimosas and Vietnam

I’m currently getting a pedicure.

I’m sitting in a massage chair, getting my back stretched, sippin’ on bubbly and juice, while a very nice Vietnamese lady paints my toes pink.

Did you know there’s a reason so many nail technicians are Vietnamese, and that it has everything to do with Hitchcock’s “The Birds?”

APPARENTLY, Tippi Hedren, in all the blonde glory of Melanie Daniels, was a bleeding heart liberal re: The Vietnam “Conflict”, and went to Vietnam on a humanitarian mission with her entourage, including her manicurist. Her beauty team ended up training a group of Vietnamese women, and after…oops!…we abandoned Vietnam, the profession took root, took off, and took many Vietnamese families to America.

THIS is the price of my self-care.

But, as I’m pampered, as I’m tipsy at 12, as I relax and feel the yoke of the pressure of special needs parenting and the shrapnel fallout of #capitalism slip from my shoulders, I am grateful for this outlet.

Happy Saturday.

*no more babies. this is solely to showcase the beauty of gel polish and pre-child luxuries.