Let’s Try to Have a Website Again, Shall We?

So…and I’m typing this with the thumb of my non-dominant hand while I feed a three month-old, so you must know how pressing it is…I made a New Year’s Resolution in January of this year. Obviously. Because that’s when you make New Year’s resolutions.

And mine was, to be clear, rather lofty. I wanted to get my first novel published. Now, spoiler alert…it’s mid-December, and no novels have been published.

But I did make a lot of progress with finishing, editing, and starting to shop a few around. Yay!!!

One thing I’m learning is that I should, realistically, have a website featuring my writing. Which I did. Back in 2013. But it’s 2019, nearly, and it’s time to revisit the concept I let fall by the wayside due to life’s struggles and Murphy’s Law.

And, thus…here we are. My attempt, one non-dominant-hand thumbstroke at a time, to get a REAL book REALLY published by a REAL publisher to be purchased by people IN REALITY. I’ve got three to choose from, and I’m not picky. A pipe dream, perhaps, but I’ve NEVER kept a New Year’s resolution before, and I’m bound and determined to bring this one to fruition, however long it may take.

Come. Join me.

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